About Us

Lilly Construction specializes in custom homes.  Brent’s attention to detail and attentiveness to clients allows for the home building process to not be stressful and to ensure the finished product is what was envisioned.  He makes a dream home a reality.  There are things you will find in a home built by Lilly Construction that you will not find with other builders. Lilly Construction is not limited to custom homes though.  Many projects span from commercial development and construction to townhouses and remodeling.  The quality and caliber of Lilly Construction carries through to each project, no matter how big or small.  Brent, his employees and subcontractors work tirelessly from start to finish to make sure everything is right.  The relationships that Brent’s builds with clients is a testament to how he guides them through the journey of building a home or completing a project.  Many clients come back to Lilly Construction years later to build again or remodel.

Brent is a third generation builder that has learned a “hands on” approach to building from his dad.  He establishes good relationships with all involved and our subcontractors are also friends that share the same vision as Brent.  Brent makes himself available to clients so that any concerns, requests, changes are all taken care of and eliminates any stress.  A home is one of the biggest investments and when you start the process of looking for a builder, it requires research.  Brent’s reputation, client testimonies and home building history are proof of his ability to complete a project that clients are very happy with.  He enjoys what he does and takes pride in his finished product.

Lilly Contstruction